Lauren Fox - Sculptor

On Thursday 5 January, I delivered the Klatovy Memorial Tree to Thanet & District Reform synagogue with David, Elliot & Nathan Fox. The Rabbi, Cliff Cohen was there with his with wife Helene, as was the community Chair Ian Smiler. I installed the tree, which was pretty straightforward after we had adjusted the height of the clock to allow the tree to stand beneath it. Although quite stable as a free-standing piece, the tree is fixed to the wall with two small brackets on the trunk. Together we all hung the leaves on the tree, on which the names (commemorating over 200 people from Klatovy) had been written by various members of the community at a previous event last year.
The community seem thrilled with the tree, which sits on the back wall of the main hall, opposite the ark and bimah. It’s been a really nice opportunity to collaborate with the community to help them realise the commemorative piece they have had in mind for some time.
Lauren Fox